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What we offer

Pay your tags instantly using the CarSimple app


Modernizing the automotive industry by automating and digitizing the vehicle registration process

Custom Garage

Build and manage your vehicles in your digital garage. Provide a nick name and upload an image of your car. Keep an eye on your fleet


Text and email notifications and alerts. No more late fees or penalties. Save money and time.

DMV Fees

Get a full breakdown of your fees and check them in real time.


Safe and secure checkout. Autopay and monthly installments coming soon


Pay your tags quickly and instantly receive a digital copy of your registration using our app.

Common Questions

Do I need to know my VIN #? (Vehicle Identification Number)

No. All you need is your license plate number and a valid email address

Is this type of service legitimate?

Yes. CarSimple is licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the State of California to provide vehicle registration services to the public.

Is this the DMV?

No. We are a licensed third party. You can pay your tags directly with the DMV, free of charge.

Are there any further services offered by CarSimple?
The app only offers renewals at the moment. For the latest information on features, news, and upgrades, please follow us at @carsimpleapp. 
How to delete user account permanently

Please email CarSimple at [email protected] with the account details and the cancellation reason. 

Can I renew my tags in another state?

No. Currently, CarSimple is only available in California.

How soon will I get my stickers? (Tags)

A digital copy of your registration will be available immediately in your CarSimple garage. Just click the blue link. The original copy and year sticker will be mailed to the address on file with the DMV with standard USPS shipping and tracking. (If you need to update your address please email [email protected])

Is this service free to use?

You can run your plates and see the fees due for free, but there is a $30.00 convenience fee to process your renewal through the app. 

I didn't get my registration in the mail.

Please contact us by email at [email protected]. In the subject line, don’t forget to mention your number plate number. Please give our technical staff up to 24 hours to respond. 


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