The Dream

Do you park your car on the street? Do you share a parking space with your roommate who eats ground turkey and boiled eggs 5 days per week? Have you seen Tony Stark’s garage!? 

Well, now you can build your own. Add your sweet ride to the online garage feature. Take a picture of your heaven on wheels and post it up for your friends to see. Give it a nickname? Sure, why not.


Registration Renewal “Tags”

Hate waiting? So do we. Well, wait no longer! Our app will give you the power of DMV in the palm of your hand. The power of the government without all the politics! Wow, that truly defines CarSimple. 

Asset 3@3x


How dated is receiving a mail in the post? My grandmother is a coder. For my birthday, she sent me an NFT. The fact that you no longer require to wait for your renewal notice in the mail is a good thing. Does it not stay on your desk for three months before you forget about it? Frank and the guy’s call, and you go out to celebrate another Lakers victory. Time slips by your dog escapes with a poodle, and you get sidetracked to the point where you forget your tags are three days overdue. You’re feeling fine as you make your way home from work, but what happens when you’re stopped for having expired tags? What a possibility! Don’t worry, CarSimple will text and email you beforehand! There will be no more fines or late fees. 


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408 E 1st St,
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